Artificial vision for masks

Inserción de asas

Artificial vision systems to guarantee the defects detection in face masks just after their manufacturing.

The strictly studied optical design guarantees an optimum image quality with high quality and strength components, in an industrial environment condition, high speeds, and variable lighting and temperature conditions.

The vision system is generally installed at the manchine output.

  • Flexible application

  • Easy configuration

  • Up to 6 inspection tools

  • Different defects types

  • Inspection of various specific areas of the pieces

Why choosing our system?

  • Fully automatic system
  • Short payback

  • Alta eficiencia

  • Easy adaptable to existing line

  • Quick change over

Why choosing And&Or?

  • More than 34 years of experience

  • Customized projects adapted to your needs

  • Installations, partners, agents and references worldwide

  • After sales service guarantee