CASES OF INNOVATION in Industry, related to # industry4 .0 #digitalfactory #operations #wearables #IoT # augmentedreality #remoteservice #connectedoperator

#OutOfCuriosity, you know that the industry has also evolved rapidly this last year thanks to digitization.

Do you know cutting-edge cases of transformative innovation?

We invite you to meet three, each of 10 minutes.

It is an online session coordinated by Zerintia Technologies, specialized in software solutions that integrate technology and PEOPLE, applied to the Industrial and Healthcare sector. They are experts in Wearable technology, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality and we develop innovative solutions that improve efficiency and performance, integrating all the physical, logical and PEOPLE systems of the organization.

It includes these three cases:

  • And&Or (“From an urgent digital solution for industry to generate new business models”)
  • Continental (“Evolution and vanguard of industrial digitization in recent years”)
  • TMC Cancela (“Integral digitized solution for planning, execution and production control in plant”)

They will interest you especially if your company is related to the industry, in full reinvention of the new future.

The session is part of the business & Society casesB2Bonline program. A program that aims to turn on the button of your curiosity and your proactivity with inspiring cases for your company.

0:00 Presentation

00:56 Avant-garde evolution of industrial digitization in recent years (Continental and Zerintia Technologies)

10:45 From an urgent digital solution for industry to generating new business models (And&Or and Zerintia Technologies)

21:10 Comprehensive digitized planning, execution and production control solution in plant (TMC Cancela and Zerintia Technologies)

👨👨👧👦 A collaborative event thanks to AsturRed, Asturias Business Association, Eurofintech, Fundación Chile-España, MADRID FORO EMPRESARIAL, Madrid Network, MIDE | Madrid Innovation Driven Ecosystem

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