Materials for mask manufacturing

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100% national manufacturing material

Regarding the materials for manufacturing protective masks, manufacturing companies generally use the following components:

Meltblown: this is a polypropylene nonwoven, mask intermediate filter, generally difficult to provide. The AND & OR group, in addition to being a manufacturer of PPE mask manufacturing machines, also offers this type of material.

Spunbond: another non-woven polypropylene used for exterior and interior layers, also solded by AND & OR.

In addition to these components, you will also need rubber bands and aluminium adjustable nose bridges.

Raw material for the manufacture of protective masks

Material para fabricar mascarillas
AND & OR offers to its customers complete kits of raw material for the manufacture of protective masks, for the commissioning of the equipment, ensuring its proper functioning at high efficiency and quality of the final product.

We also offer consultancy services for the selection of raw materials according to the type of mask to be produced, as well as the operational needs to comply with sanitary requirements in the right cases such as clean rooms, necessary approvals, etc.

All this material is a summed added value to its new production line of protective PPE mask machine for hygienic, surgical, FFP2 and FFP3 masks.


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    Raw material offered by AND & OR for hygienic, surgical and FFP2 / FFP3 masks

    Outer layer:


    Spunbond is a very fast interlacing process used for the manufacture of non-woven materials. The most used material for its manufacture is polypropylene, although other types of materials can be used.

    This non-woven product is a fabric based on continuous polypropylene fibers joined by mechanical and thermal action. It is a non-woven fabric characterized by its high resistance to traction and biological attack.

    SPUN BOND Color Azul

    SPUN BOND Blue color

    SPUN BOND Color blanco

    SPUN BOND White color

    Other colors are also available on request.

    Intermediate layer, filter:

    Meltblown respirators for BFE 95 and BFE

    Meltblown is obtained at the bottom and some types of resins with polypropylene, one of the most used materials. These are subjected to a thermal process to melt them and keep them in a liquid state.

    They are then passed through an extrusion head and driven by a high-temperature air jet. At the exit, a jet of cold air solidifies it, forming a tangle of threads which form the blanket.

    The meltblown offers properties between paper and fabric and may have a variable structure for lightweight and flexibility.To do this, certain parameters of the production process are modified, for example, the blowing pressure or the number of holes in the dies.

    Its use is designed as a filter for liquids and air particles, acting as an excellent bacterial barrier avoiding contact with the skin.

    MELT-BLOWN No tejido BFE95 Color Blanco

    MELT-BLOWN BFE 95 Non-woven fabric in White color

    MELT-BLOWN No tejido BFE99 Color Blanco

    MELT-BLOWN BFE 99 Non-woven fabric in White color

    Inner layer:

    SPUN BOND NO TEJIDO (CAPA INTERIOR) Calidad SS, 20-25 gr/m2 A=195 mm Color Blanco

    SPUN BOND Non-woven (Inside layer) SS quality, 20-25 gr/m2 H=195 mm White color.

    Nose clip (metal nose bridge)

    Tira nasal

    Elastic cord Nylon


    Film bagging for masks


    (ability to add printing)

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