Technical assistance is one of the main concerns of customers. An immediate response can mean a significant reduction in production costs for manufacturers.

The entry of industry 4.0 has led to the development of remote technical assistance, immediately and regardless of the distance to which the client is.

asistencia remota en industria 4.0 monitoring ANDYOR

AND&OR and Industry 4.0

In the current context of digitization of the industry, AND&OR offers the AND&OR INDUSTRY 4.0 digital platform, allowing remote assistance in the packaging industry as well as data extraction directly from the production machines, its subsequent processing and conversion into data of interest to improve production efficiency.

AND&OR, as an engineering company and machinery manufacturer with more than 36 years of experience, has proven capacity for the design and programming, commissioning, installation and support of INDUSTRY 4.0 solutions, to achieve a factory connected with the highest standards. of security.

The AND&OR INDUSTRY 4.0 platform is a technological solution that integrates different services through an IoT platform and digital tools. The platform is open to customization according to customer requirements, new variables and KPIs, new reports and notifications.

In turn, it allows connection with ERP and MES customer management systems.

In this video AND&OR shows us four digital solutions.

Asistencia remota en industria
  • AND&OR MONITORING olution that through the LYNX platform integrates the data generated in the machinery, as well as key indicators for monitoring, production control in real time and consultation of historical data.

    The platform provides messages and alarms in real time to detect states and anomalies of machines and production lines, as well as energy and tire consumption to achieve a factory that is as sustainable as possible.

    The great advantage of the AND&OR MONITORING remote assistance solution is the possibility of connecting with each machine that is part of your company’s production network, regardless of the communication protocol used, allowing the capture, processing and presentation of all the relevant information on your production and easy and robust access to the last detail of production.

    This versatility allows us to communicate with the main industrial communication standards and protocols of the latest generation, providing universal connectivity and great compatibility with future evolutions thanks to the scalability of our platform.

    The platform is based on a local solution (with remote access) and is delivered on an industrial PC (sized according to the application), incorporating everything necessary to capture reliable and relevant data in real time, as well as a correct follow-up of the variables and production analysis through a series of dashboards and KPIs.

  • AND&OR ACTION integrates the data provided by the LYNX platform and the employees, for the detection of events in real time.

    Based on said data and the application of configurable rules, they trigger actions in response to these input events, involving employees, machinery and information systems.

    AND&OR ACTION allows:

    • The detection of recurring events that can lead to loss of time in manufacturing, triggering actions, to avoid unnecessary stops in the plant and increase the operational availability of the machinery. This leads to an improvement in the OEE of the plant.
    • Trigger actions automatically, in the event of certain predefined events, improving preventive maintenance: notification to a plant technician or AND&OR technical service, scheduled revisions, part changes…
    • Analyze data in real time, which makes it possible to identify deviations, and generate alerts and corrections to avoid significant production losses due to quality problems.
    • Automatically trigger corrective actions upon detection of events (entry into restricted areas, mandatory PPE…) and control of safety parameters and values, which if uncontrolled pose a risk to workers and the factory itself.
  • AND&OR PROCESS provides step-by-step digital instructions for the maintenance of AND&OR machinery and real-time monitoring of active processes.

    Thus improving standardization and quality, as well as reducing the execution times of the interventions.

    All the information at the service of the client in his factory connected at the moment he needs it.

    AND&OR PROCESS allows the design and follow-up of instructions step by step, in complex processes with conditional logic or repetitive tasks, improving standardization and quality, as well as reducing execution times by more than 15%.

  • AND&OR REMOTE comprehensive solution for the remote assistance service, sharing video and audio in real time and with multiple tools, which thanks to Augmented Reality, facilitate remote support without travel costs, and generating evidence of the work carried out.


    • Reduction of response times
    • Reduction of travel and costs
    • Greater traceability and monitoring of work
    • Evidence generation
    • Remote validations
    • Premium customer service
    • Support and training
    • Increased productivity
    • Quality improvement and error reduction
    • Collaborative work – knowledge sharing
    • Elimination of paper
    • Fast answer

Remote assistance in industry 4.0: key in the collaboration between suppliers and customers

With the changes introduced by Industry 4.0, the client benefits from greater control of production and ensures efficiency at all times.

Ensuring efficiency, precision and speed will be essential aspects that must be met to satisfy the needs and requirements of customers.

With Industry 4.0, machinery manufacturers such as AND&OR maintain a continuous interaction with customers. Virtual technical assistance can resolve any issue remotely, without impediments of distance and incompatible schedules. Statistical data with AND&OR monitoring allow processes to be improved, resulting in greater satisfaction and long-term relationship with customers. Industry 4.0 reduces operating and maintenance costs.

The Industry 4.0 technologies developed at AND&OR allow the supplier-client relationship to be closer, fostering collaboration to achieve product and process innovation.