On the market there are different types of masks, EPI masks, hygienic masks and surgical masks.

On this occasion, we want to talk about PPE-type masks, set aside for those who are most in contact with symptomatic  people or positive for COVID-19.

It is what we know as personal protective equipment, designed both for professionals who need to create a barrier against a potential risk and for vulnerable people.

The purpose of this type of mask is to filter the air and prevent contaminating elements from entering into the organism.

And&Or machines to manufacture FFP2 and FFP3

FFP2 Y FFP3 EspañolasAnd&Or offers solutions for automation of industrial processes since 1986 and has a long customer list in more than 50 countries.

Innovation and the constant search for automatic and robotic solutions, have made it an international benchmark.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and several customers requests in February 2020, it gets involved in the development of equipment for the masks manufacturing that offer more reliable and efficient solutions at high speeds than those existing at that time.

Since then, and within its strategy aimed at providing solutions to the health sector, it has been manufacturing machines for the manufacture of hygienic and surgical masks in accordance with the UNE-EN 14683-2019 + AC-2019 standard.

It also develops machines for FFP2 and FFP3 masks manufacturing  in a fully automatic way and with high production capacities.

FFP2, FFP3 auto filtering masks

The filtration effectiveness of these masks can be of three types depending on whether they are low, medium or high efficiency.

These degrees of efficiency are determined based on the tests carried out according to the UNE-EN 149 standard and the degree of compliance with some given parameters:

  • That it does not produce adverse effects in contact with the skin.
  • It must fit perfectly to the face, covering the mouth and nose.
  • Level of particle leakage due to the face fit or through the material used as filter.
  • It should not exceed 1% by volume CO2 content in the space between the face and the mask filter.

The efficiency of the FFP2 and FFP3 masks will largely depend on their filtration capacity and a good fit to the face.


The FFP2 face masks are the one recommended for protection against COVID-19.

They are considered to be of medium efficacy, with a retention level of at least 94%.

These are the most used masks by health personnel with the greatest possibility of contagion by the virus and are also widely used by the general population.

FFP2 masks are disposable masks and their duration will depend on each manufacturer.


The FFP3 face masks are highly efficient with a filtration level of at least 98%.

These masks have a P3 filter that allows to achieve that high level of protection.

Its duration, as in the case of FFP2, will depend on the manufacturer and we can find reusable FFP3 and non-reusable FFP3. The latter should not be used after its use and for the reusable ones the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed for a proper use.


The FFP1 face masks have low efficiency with a retention level of at least 80%. They retain the largest type of particles and are not recommended for protection against Covid.

What is their duration?

The duration of the FFP2 or FFP3 masks depends on the manufacturer, so we recommend consulting the instructions of this and in any case, it is convenient to change them when you notice them wet or dirty.

FFP2, FFP3 with CE marking

CE marking allows a certain product to circulate freely within the European Community and guarantees that aforementioned product meets the requirements of European directives.

When buying the masks, you must make sure that the product complies with current legislation, so the CE marking must appear, followed by four numbers and the reference to the UNE EN-149 Standard.

In addition, the NR marking that indicates that the product is Non-Reusable or the R marking that indicates that it is a Reusable product must appear.

In the case of Non-reusable, they will only be used during a working day.

At And&Or we continue working to offer equipment and solutions for the health sector, contributing to the fight against covid-19.